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A New Kind of Health


  • What is LivingMatrix?

    The Functional Medicine Matrix is a tool that assists the clinician in organizing and prioritizing a patient’s health issues as elicited by a thorough personal, family, social, and medical history. It is specifically organized in order to help the clinician gain a comprehensive perspective of the patient as a whole, and to facilitate discussion of complex medical issues with the patient. There are three parts of the Matrix graphic:


    The Patient’s Story Retold allows the clinician to organize the predisposing factors (antecedents), precipitating events (triggers), and ongoing contributors (mediators) of a patient’s chronic health problem.


    Physiology and Function: Organizing the Patient’s Clinical Imbalances prompts the clinician to think about each patient’s symptoms in terms of the underlying clinical imbalances that may be causing or exacerbating those symptoms. It contains seven nodes named for the physiological process that together make up the body’s function: Assimilation, Defense and Repair, Energy, Biotransformation and Elimination, Transport, Communication, and Structural Integrity. It also contains a central place to document the patient’s psychospiritual well-being.


    Fundamental Lifestyle Factors examines the patient’s environment and lifestyle including diet, stress,
    and exercise. These are also the health-changing areas that the patient is most in control of and thus can be a jumping-off point to allow the clinician and patient to collaboratively agree upon foundational proactive changes that promote health.


  • What does LivingMatrix do?

    We are able to personalize your information in real time and provide you with a hard copy of your health assessment. You’ll not only gain useful insight into your health during your visit, but you’ll walk away from your appointment with an understandable, easy-to-read view of your current health, a list of health goals, and, if necessary, a functional medicine prescription.

  • Do I need to complete LivingMatrix?

    Yes,  LivingMatrix is required to schedule a new patient appointment with any Sterling Family Practice provider. LivingMatrix supports Sterling family Practice in assessing your health and identify the root cause of your symptoms.


    Our provider will go over with you in detail how LivingMatrix supports in identifying the root cause of your symptoms



  • Does my health insurance cover LivingMatrix?

    At this time health insurances are not covering this service & it is an out of pocket expense.   A onetime fee of $175.00 will include the intake & the interpretation of your unique data suited to your specific healthcare needs.

  •  How do I access LivingMatrix?

    • Please click here and follow the secure payment form page and enter your information.

    • Submit payment for the amount of $175.00.  We accept all major credits cards

    • Once payment is submitted you will receive an email with a link to access LivingMatrix

    • Your scheduled appointment will be re-scheduled if LivingMatrix is not submitted 1 week before your  appointment


    Click here to Watch an informative LivingMatrix video or visit our video library under resources

    Contact Sterling Family Practice at 703-421-7000 if you have any questions regarding the completion of LivingMatrix.



  • Start Your Profile Today!



    In order for us to get a comprehensive idea of your health history, you will need to complete all sections of the forms included in the LivingMatrix. Please note also, that approximate dates of events are very important for the LivingMatrix timeline.  Please make sure you are submitting dates when completing the questionnaires.



    We look forward to seeing you at your appointment and reviewing your information with you.


    If you have questions about your appointment or have any medical questions, please contact us directly at 703-421-7000


    Thank you!


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